Why would I need it? Good systems are the very life blood of any business. And this is even more true when it comes to property investing. Especially when you consider the sheer volume of information required to make the right decision. For example, did you know for every successful deal that goes through you will need to offer on more than 100 properties! Times that by just 10 properties and suddenly you have a serious amount of paper to file and manage each month!
The whole process can be really time consuming. As well as physically and emotionally draining. Especially if you’re trying to juggle this information in dozens of different formats across hundreds of folders, spreadsheets and hand-written notes. Where did you file that really important phone number again?? You can easily get buried under this growing mountain of paperwork and end up spending more and more of your valuable time just trying to manage all this ‘stuff’ when what you really should be doing is building your future.
Property Investor Toolkit has been designed to not only save you time and money, but to help you make both!! Greater efficiency = bigger profits! By having everything at your fingertips you will be able to really use your time effectively and focus on the things that are going to give you the greatest possible returns.
And Property Investor Toolkit makes it much easier to work with others. Wouldn’t it be great, for example, to share a potential deal with your broker simply at the touch of a button and get a mortgage decision within minutes! You can even outsource some of the things you really don’t enjoy. With the Cloud version of Property Investor Toolkit your team doesn’t even need to be based in the same country as you! Have you ever fancied owning an international company?
How about when it comes to raising finance? Or working with Joint Venture partners? Can you imagine just how powerful it would be to stress test a deal, live, during your meeting, simply by clicking a few buttons? How professional would that make you look? How much credibility would that bring to your business? And how much more confident do you think a joint venture partner would feel in entrusting you with their money instead of someone else?
Why not use Property Investor Toolkit to create extra income streams? The software has been designed not only as a complete deal management system, but also a sourcing business in a box! By using the built in PDF Creator you can now quickly and easily package deals to sell onto other investors simply at the touch of a button, generating you valuable extra income. Ask yourself, what could you do with an extra £2000-£7000 each month?
Could you also use Property Investor Toolkit to analyse deals for other people? Of course! You can help protect others from falling prey to dodgy deals, whilst making some extra money for yourself along the way. You can even use Property Investor Toolkit’s built in lead management tools to source buyers, tenants and tenant buyers for other investors too... and charge a fee!!
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(Based on the Desktop Edition )