Capture Property Details
The first six sections of Property Investor Toolkit literally walk you through the entire due diligence process. So you can start with property details and move from section to section, or use the main navigation to dip in and out of each section independently - it's completely up to you!

Here, you can quickly and easily capture info about the property, drag images from anywhere, including websites, directly into the software, and check out the local area on our handy map... you can even use street view to pin point the exact house!

  1. Capture Property Details

The first six sections of Property Investor Toolkit literally walk you through the due diligence process, so you can start with property details and using the forward arrow in the bottom right of the screen, move from section to section, or you can use the main navigation to dip in and out and use each section independently.

Here you can capture info about the prospective deal, store images of the property and even check out exactly where it is on the map... and use street view to pin point the exact house!

  1. Estimate Refurbishment Costs

One of the main parts of assessing a property deal is to clearly understand the costs involved and how & where you can add value to a property. So we have made the process very simple. You can either enter the actual refurbishment costs directly, or use the handy quick check box system to select areas that need attention. These estimates are pulled from the refurbishment settings, which can be fully customised to fit your investing area wherever you are in the country!

All this is auto calculated as you work and the results are thrown across to the financials section.

  1. Record Vendor Information

When dealing directly with distressed sellers, it's important to understand how much money is outstanding on the property in terms of mortgage, secured borrowing and sometimes even unsecured debt, as all these will determine whether you have a potential deal or not and whether that will fit with your current strategy.

This is obviously even more important if you are using Property Investor Toolkit to source on deals to other investors, so you can clearly show them the equity in the deal. We've even built-in a PDF facility, so you can easily pull the data off and email to a potential client quickly and easily.

  1. Really Crunch the Numbers!

Does it Wash It's Face? What is the return on investment? What might the property yield both before and after remortgage? Are you leaving any money in the deal? If so, just how much? And more importantly, how long will it take you to get this back?!

In the financials suite you can instantly see all this information clearly laid out. You can extrapolate what the property will return you over any given number of years, how much it might appreciate by, what you could get it you were to flip it... in fact it even tells you how much you should look to pay based on the monthly cashflow you want to achieve!

  1. Find Local Comparables

Here you can record details of comparable properties in your local area and revisit and revise this information at the touch of a button.

With the handy built-in web links to all the main property listing sites, you can quickly and simply search the properties currently on the market, what similar properties have sold for, what they current rent at and what you could achieve if you were to rent to the Local Housing Authority.

  1. Make an Offer!

So, if you've been through the due diligence process and the deal is stacking up, you can now make an offer! This you can do using the built-in text and email facilities. Imagine how powerful it would be for the seller to receive an instant SMS message or email confirming your conversation, details of the offer and have all your contact information at their fingertips.

  1. Promotion & Marketing

In this section you can record details of all your promotion and marketing. So, details about your goldmine adverts, leaflet drops, direct mailings... which newspapers and magazines you're advertising in... when that advert was placed... how long it's due to run... what responses you received as a result... and ultimately how much it cost you per lead.

You can also set yourself, and your team, some weekly targets and then record and review performance to see how well you're doing.

  1. Capturing Leads

The leads section allows you to capture the details of all the people who have responded to your marketing, such as distressed sellers, buyers, tenants and tenant buyers.

This is especially useful of course once you start to build your database of properties in Property Investor Toolkit.

  1. All your Power Team Contacts

Property investor Toolkit contains an address book, so you can store contact details of all those important members of your power team, such as your mortgage broker, builder, electrician, plumber, etc.

And we've made it really easy for you to import them from other programs, so you can have everything in once place.

  1. Calendar

With Property Investor Toolkit built-in calendar you can easily schedule important appointments, book viewings, set reminders for follow up calls, and review offers you have out on properties, all quickly and simply as you're working through the due diligence process.

  1. Resources and Links

We've also included a section for handling internet links for all those useful sites you find whilst surfing the web, and a section for storing documents, such as contracts, e-books, PDF's and notes.

  1. Search the Database

You can quickly and easily revisit any of the deals you have stored by simply going to the search facility, identifying the property, vendor or deal you'd like to review, and clicking it to reopen all the details in the software, where you can make any changes and updates then resave.
You can also use an existing deal as a 'template'. Open a property that is similar to one you're reviewing, change the address and tweak the content, then save as a completely new property, saving you loads of time and effort!