How can Property Investor Toolkit help you?

Posted on January 13th, 2013, by mabttp

Before I run through some of the benefits of Property Investor Toolkit, I’d like to share with you a little bit of how and why Property Investor Toolkit came about.

I attended some property investment courses… which were really good… but the actual practical support material that came with them I found very rudimentary and clunky. Bits of spreadsheets in dozens of different formats across hundreds of folders, documents and hand-written notes. For me, that meant I lost the momentum created at the courses and instead of going straight out and investing in property, I realised I was spending more and more time just trying to manage all the information that was piling up around me. I then discovered from speaking to others that this was a common frustration. Like me, they too wanted an easy solution that enabled them to get on with investing in property rather than wasting valuable time shuffling dozens of bits of paper.

So I thought, there has to be a better way… and that better way is Property Investor Toolkit. I basically took the due diligence process and turned it into a practical, intuitive, easy to use, software solution.

When I started designing Property Investor Toolkit I set some very specific criteria:

1. it had to be affordable. Having already invested in the courses I didn’t then want to spend thousands more on a system to get me going!

2. it had to be intuitive. I didn’t want to plough through thick manuals or take costly
special training just to use it.

3. it had to encapsulate the WHOLE due diligence process. Which is why we’ve broken this down into a simple six step process.

4. it had to REALLY crunch the numbers. Does it Wash Its Face? What is the return on investment? What might the property yield, both before and after remortgage? Are you leaving any money in the deal? If so, just how much? And more importantly, how long will it take you to get this back?! The old back-of-a-fag-packet sums are OK to initially quickly assess a deal, but would you really potentially risk hundreds of thousands of pounds without having a clear picture of how this property is likely to perform?

5. it had to be practical and simple to use.

Property Investor Toolkit is a suite of powerful tools brought together in a user friendly package to help you make the right property investment choices and avoid the costly, and potentially devastating mistakes so many other property investors still regularly make.

Property Investor Toolkit has been designed to protect your two most valuable assets – your money… and more importantly your TIME! So gone are the days of mountains of paperwork, multiple spreadsheets and dozens of folders here there and everywhere. Now, through Property Investor Toolkit, you can manage all the time consuming information gathering and analysis, quickly and easily, and have it all at your finger tips to revisit and review simply at the touch of a button!

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